Wifisetup main page



This is the page for the wifisetup scripts.

What is wifisetup

Wifisetup is a project that I started because I was unsatisfied with the unreliable connections provided by the NetworkManager suite of programs for Linux. Not only that, but those programs do not provide access to every option avilable to you through the appropriate command-line applications. However I (like most people I'd imagine) do not like to type out every long command to connect to a wireless network, authenticate using WPA, and get an IP address via DHCP, so I created these scripts to automate the process. The scripts were written with Ubuntu Linux in mind, but will work on any Linux/BSD system that has ifconfig, iwconfig, wpa_supplicnt (for the WPA module), and a DHCP client (dhclient by default).

Getting Started

First things first, in order to use wifisetup, you must download the archive. (see download link on left hand side of the page). After you have it downloaded, run the install script, that should put everything where it's supposed to be (the program defaults to /usr/local/, and right now is hardcoded to that location). Once everything's installed, you can create a config file. See the examples and other information in the manual. Happy wifiing!